AP Peer Class

Need extra help with your AP Classes? Want to make sure you ACE the AP Test? Sign up for our AP Peer Class. The class will offer a full review of the course material and help you prepare for the AP Test.

Time & Location

January - May 2021

Tutors will schedule date and time separately with students.


Event Details

AP Peer Class is a preparation crash course for the upcoming AP Test. 

Class size will have a 2 to 10, tutor to student ratio. 


The class will run from January to May, covering all the topics that will be on the AP test. 

Tutors will also direct the course based on the students’ current standards. 


The synchronous class will be conducted once a week with optional progress checks after each lesson. 


Please click on the REGISTER button and you will be redirected to a form, please fill it out and a member from REACH FOR THE STARS will contact you. 


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at aptutors.reachstars@gmail.com