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5 ways to help reduce poverty as a student

Written by: Riley Wang

Poverty is not only a universal issue within society and communities, but it is also expanding in nations such as Canada and the United States. It means that one does not have enough resources to support a minimum standard of living. Even if you are not experiencing the effects of poverty now, it can still influence your future. It can lead to more severe illnesses and less educated people worldwide, which affects the economy and society. As a fellow student, I continue to seek opportunities to make a difference and change this rise. I invite you along with me.

#1: Be active within School Events

Many schools hold events to help poverty within their communities. Some require you to bring in as many cans of food as possible or shoes and outerwear, then donate it to a community in need. Have you ever participated? The next time you hear about such events, try to participate!

  • Check your school websites for events

  • Does your school not participate in preventing poverty?

  • Make suggestions and speak with principles and teachers about connecting with your community

I know you have the initiative when it comes to helping the world be a better place. So, use it towards these school and community events that are easily accessible. You need to contribute! You can make a difference in someone’s life with every contribution.


The glorious thing about donating is that even small donations can make a substantial impact. If you donate to an effective charity, your donation will directly benefit the number of people you can help.

After all, giving brings us joy while benefiting those living in poverty. Ultimately, giving is our nature. It also allows every person to make a difference in the world of poverty. Use that inborn instinct to create a world with less poverty for the betterment of yourself and others.

#3: Volunteer

Volunteering within your community can also help reduce the lack of resources available to those in need. Offering your work, time and effort all contribute to the success of your community involvement.

  • Volunteer at school events

  • Volunteer at fundraising events

  • Volunteer at charities

  • Volunteer at nonprofit organizations

Without volunteering, the entire effect of the event will not be as effective. We need people like you who want to positively impact communities. Additionally, it's very useful for students who seek to gain both volunteer experience and hours.

#4: Create awareness

Creating awareness means generating attention on a topic that you are not only passionate about but also educated about, which can be represented through several types of media. There are several ways to create awareness of poverty.

  • Social media

  • News articles/blogs

  • Friends and family

  • School settings and events

However, before one publicly speaks about topics like poverty, one must fully understand its concepts and issues. Do not create awareness on topics that you are unfamiliar with. This method is beneficial because it expands the audience and allows more people to understand global issues.

#5 Take action

Poverty is becoming an ongoing issue, and students like you can truly make a difference. We have many resources at our fingertips to act upon this global problem and now it is time to use it. Consider the several ways you can help reduce poverty within your community and around the world.

“As long as poverty, injustice, and gross inequality exist in our world, none of us can truly rest.”

— Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa

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