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How to make Healthy Eating a Lifestyle

Written by: Riley Wang

Date: March 2021

There are several healthy life choices in your possession and eating healthy is one of the most important things you could do to protect your health. Some people just do not have the time, can not find a good recipe, ingredients in the recipe are too complex, and the list goes on. Throughout this article, you will learn how to incorporate healthy eating into your lifestyle.

Tip #1: Find the time

If healthy eating is a priority for you, it is essential to find the time. However, we can avoid spending heaping amounts of time on cooking a healthy meal in several ways.

  • Schedule your meals before going to the grocery store

  • Scheduling what you are going to eat throughout the week will save you time both in the grocery store and when you are preparing the food

  • Meal prep

  • You can prepare your meals ahead of time so that your meals are more controlled

  • Eg: for breakfast, the night before prepare overnight oats, chia seeds, and boiled eggs

  • Air fryer

  • Investing in an air fryer can save you a lot of time

  • You can leave the item go do your task while your meal is cooking

  • Repeat meals

  • Eg: Monday’s leftover dinner for Tuesday’s lunch

  • This will both reduce waste and is very time efficient

  • Meal prep delivery system (HelloFresh, Blue Apron, Green Chef)

There are so many ways to save time when you are cooking and preparing meals. It truly makes a difference in your well-being and mental health when you prioritize healthy eating in your lifestyle.

Tip #2: Look for ideas on social media

Sometimes we feel like we are only limited to certain recipes. Exposing yourself to more recipes can be difficult. It is either the ingredients are too complex, or it is impossible to find another recipe. Browse on social media platforms and find an influencer that inspires your stomach and your health.

Social Media Platforms include

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

  • Youtube

If you like soups, search up soups recipes on Instagram. Social media has a wide span of healthy and delicious recipes, and they are extremely accessible. We all have social media at our fingertips, it is time to take advantage of it.

Tip #3: Incorporate healthy foods with unhealthy foods

Sometimes we just want to eat donuts, chips, and cakes, but it is so unhealthy for us. It is important to recognize that it is perfectly OKAY to eat these. However, next time you grab a bag of chips, consider this:

  • Have a balanced snack

  • Eat a bag of chips, but incorporate a vegetable or fruit

  • It is perfectly fine to eat something unhealthy as long as you are controlling the amount

This tip is extremely helpful, because fruits and vegetables are filling, whereas chips are not. So, if you were the chips with a side of vegetables, you will most likely feel full after eating half the bag of chips compared to solely the entire bag.

Start eating healthy

There is no better way to start eating healthy until you just go for it. There are several ways to incorporate it into your lifestyle, it is a game-changer. Start now.

“The first wealth is health.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson