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Social Media Marketing and Impacts

Written by: Alexandria Redd

Date: January 2021

Social media marketing has been one of the most revolutionary concepts to enter our modern society. Though it was nonexistent around twenty years ago, it has become a highly lucrative career and market space. From the many ways it has been used, it has been best used for the popularization of products, fashion, and trends since the beginning of the 21st century.

An indicator of success in this form of marketing is when evidence of said success can be found globally, touching nearly every major and minor nation on the planet. One significant example of this success can be found in the campaign of a social media app itself: TikTok. The app, originally Musical.ly, needed to be rebranded after being purchased by Bytedance in 2017. They then placed unskippable, loud advertisements on other social media sites (including Instagram and Snapchat) and on thousands of popular games. Even through exacerbating content, TikTok grabbed the attention of youth nationwide, and went from being an avoided, heavily-scrutinized platform to being the most used social app across the globe. This shows that through strategic marketing, even the seemingly impossible can become possible.

Although social media is mostly used in positive ways, it has numerous negative consequences as well. Studies have shown that the usage of these platforms have had a drastic long-lasting effect on youth, especially on a psychological level. The exchange of time spent on social media and dopamine release can permanently rewire the brain and spark addiction to these apps and the pleasure they produce.

This is why social media marketing is such a potent tool. These apps have an undeniable level of control over youth. The things that are pushed and the subliminal messaging that is sent out can lead to an incredible amount of influence, and the changing of simple things like purchased items all the way up to human behavior. Using social media as a tool for good has and will continue to lead to many breakthroughs for companies large and small.

Speaking of small businesses, many of their goals are central to growth, with the hope that someday their small businesses won't necessarily be a "small business" anymore. And with the world at the touch of one's fingertips, their hopes can turn into reality at a more rapid pace than ever before. Through savvy marketing skills, businesses of smaller size can easily expand by doing the simplest, free-of-charge task ever imaginable: making an account on today's most popular social media networks. Many companies underestimate the use of these sites, such as Tiktok, and the growth they can catapult, as well as the amassing followers on these apps. If one is dedicated, it can be surprisingly easy to convert these followers into paying customers, and even easier when working with a marketable product that has the potential to spread like wildfire and become a household name.

Through the powers of effective social media marketing, the possibilities are truly endless.