Alicia Fakolujo

Interview Manager

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My name is Alicia. I live in Niedernhausen, Germany. I am a junior in high school and would like to become an electrical engineer.

My hobbies include playing various sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, and track, and field. I also enjoy singing and dancing, but theater in general. I love expressing myself, whether that be with my outfits, my art, or just my words.

I am apart of the Tutoring team, one of the interview managers to be exact. I joined Reach For The Stars because I wanted to be able to help children express themselves and in this case, express themselves academically! I love seeing people, children in particular, work at their best potential and if I have a part in that it feels even better. I felt as if the Tutoring Team was the best place for me so that I can ensure that every child that becomes a student in this organization is given the best help they can receive.

Reach For The Stars has given me that opportunity to do so and I am so grateful for that!