Amy Park

Secretary Team Member

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Hello everyone! My name is Amy Park and I am a 10th grader~ I am currently living in Las Vegas, NV, but I was born in Texas! In RFTS, I am a secretary and as a secretary, I attend meetings to take notes, do weekly tasks, and more.

RFTS is a really fun community and one of my first organizations that I have ever worked at. For my future, I don’t have anything set in stone, but I am pretty interested in sociology and studying our society’s behaviors. I absolutely love reading online manhwas/webtoons and watching my favorite shows with my family.

People should definitely join RFTS. I know 100% that they will NOT regret it! It’s very organized and there are many positions you can apply for.

During my time here at RFTS, I met a lot of people, including, Djenane, and I recently talked to a few new people who were very fun to talk with: Zia-Grace and maria during coffee chats :). I definitely learned how to take very good notes since I started getting practice for it.

Being a secretary at RFTS actually helped me increase my confidence to run for secretary at a school club (and I got the position!!)

3 Fun Facts:
1. I can speak another language: Korean and I absolutely love speaking that language!
2. I overthink things a LOT and sometimes my thoughts go on a rollercoaster.
3. I am tutoring 3 kids!