Cateyann Bernhard

Secretary Team Member

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My name is Cateyann and I am a 10th grader from New York. I have been a member of RFTS since July 2020 and I work as a Tutor + Secretary.

I joined RFTS in order to meet and help students around the world succeed in their academics despite the challenges of the pandemic. I enjoy working with RFTS because the team is so inspiring, dedicated, and diverse.

There are plenty of opportunities to learn about people from around the world while helping them achieve their goals in school. I want to work in forensic psychiatry when I’m older and I enjoy writing, working with my nonprofit EarthBurned, running, playing the violin, and hanging out with my friends. RFTS is the perfect way to gain valuable experiences despite the pandemic and I am so grateful to be a part of the team.

One of my friends at RFTS is Sonal Gupta who I enjoy talking about school with. She has helped me focus on my goals and strengthen my passions. Also at RFTS, I have strengthened my time management and organization skills and I have learned how to use a wide variety of Google Resources. I have also learned about different cultures around the world and how to better instruct students.

RFTS has also helped me learn how to lead my own nonprofit.

3 Fun Facts:
1. I have been a vegetarian for 1.5 years.
2. I run my own youth-nonprofit called EarthBurned.
3. I plan to pursue a career in neuroscience.