Devina Munjal

Human Resources Team Member, Event Planning Team Member, and Programs Team Member

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Hi. My name is Devina, and I am a junior from New Jersey. I joined RFTS. After all, I wanted to give back to my community and help students struggling during virtual schooling because I know how difficult it can get.

I have tutored in the past at an organization for special needs kids, a program through my middle school where I tutored elementary students, and a tutoring math center. However, when joining RFTS, I was looking for something different. It is a way to help students but not necessarily by tutoring and hopefully learn a new skill or two along the way. And that was precisely what I was able to do through the teams I joined.

I first joined the Human Resources team, but when I saw this fantastic community and all the hard work everyone puts in this organization, that inspired me to volunteer more, and now I am also a part of the Inter and Programs team.

I do some things at RFTS to help messages on our website and help make presentations and proposals for new things we can implement or improve on. I met some fantastic and hardworking people at RFTS who are lovely and welcoming, like Inuola, Kameron, Annie, Vicky, and Jennifer.

3 Fun Facts:
1. My favorite subject is math.
2. I am really talkative once you get to know me.
3. I have watched almost every Christmas Movie on Netflix.