Esha Bagora


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Hi! I'm Esha Bagora, a Writer for the Blogging Team here at Reach For The Stars. My job is to research a particular topic, so it can be written and published on our blog.

I absolutely love volunteering with Reach for the Stars, as the environment is so welcoming, and the people that make up our wonderful team are incredibly hardworking, dedicated to their jobs, and are overall very nice and well rounded.

Reach for the Stars is not just about completing tasks; it also cultivates a “work” family causing my experience at Reach for the Stars to be nothing short of fantastic. The Executive Team makes sure that everyone enjoys their time working with Reach For The Stars and has given me a great way to volunteer and make a global impact.

In addition to researching for Reach For tThe Stars blogs, I spend my time either clicking photographs for my school's literary magazine, or binge watching shows on Netflix. I also play varsity softball for my high school, and recreationally at an outside league.

Working at Reach For The Stars has been such a fun experience, and one that I can go on for a long time.

3 Fun Facts:
1. I play softball.
2. I am interested in journalism.
3. I love jelly beans.