Inuola Babalola


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Hi! My name is Inuolaoluwani Babalola, but you can call me Inuola for short! I am the Founder of Reach For The Stars and come from Lagos, Nigeria.

I started RFTS because a lot of people don't have the resources at home to have online schooling the best or the most productive for them, I personally have had some challenges with online learning but we help to provide free educational resources from K-12th!

I oversee RFTS as a whole and make sure that everyone is on task and also am able to engage with everyone to make RFTS run smoothly!

RFTS isn't just a random group of strangers I met online, I can proudly say I met the most amazing group of people that I now consider my family! I have met so many people but shoutout to Tavisha (Conan's girlie) Krysta (bunny), Emma, Sonal, Vicky, Pran, Annie, Athena, Kameron, Melinda, Busola, and more!

I have loved all the times we have had so much fun from the game nights to our rant sessions. You guys have truly made every single day feel like a movie. RFTS is definitely a place to chill and make new friends while volunteering.

I want to be a pediatrician in the future or anything along the medical line or have a law degree, which is pretty wild! I love playing basketball, reading, shopping, watching videos about college, playing clarinet, photography, etc!

People should join RFTS if they want an organization that not only will you just work but a place where you meet different people and connect to them from a personal level which is important.

RFTS has taught me so many things but the one thing is that even though you are from different places, some of your favorite moments or you can meet your very close friends through zoom or online!

3 Fun Facts:
1. I am a big Harry Potter fan and I am such a Hermione and a Gryffindor;)
2. I love playing Basketball!
3. I love eating different foods from all over the world and love talking about college so much!