Jacob Chau

Creative Director

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Hi there! My name is Jacob Chau, and I'm the Creative Director at RFTS. I'm currently a high school senior from Ontario, Canada.

My leisure time consists of binging the latest shows on Netflix, with a side hobby as a ScreenRant critic afterwards. Apart from being a cinephile, I also enjoy being my parents' personal chef as an extra outlet for my creativity.

My post-education plan is to study E-commerce/Finance with a minor in Communication studies and an emphasis on legal studies. My goal is to pursue a business-oriented career in legal services but also embracing the 'living in the moment' mentality for any 'break from the past' moments.

As a Creative Director, I work closely with the other senior directors to improve internal and external communications between the board and our tutors. I also assist in combing through implementations from various departments for new programs in our organization.

As a peer tutor myself, I've seen the impact of how disadvantaged virtual education is as it has become the current reality. Thus, I love working at RFTS to provide support for students on an international scale.

3 Fun Facts:
1. I'm a Varsity Volleyball player (right-side hitter because I'm left-handed)
2. I'm left-handed?
3. My favorite movie of all-time is Argo