Jessica Rosado

Secretary and Volunteer Hours Team Member

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My name is Jessica Rosado and I am a 17 year old Junior from New Jersey, USA! I love taking part in this organization, aiming to provide tutoring to students struggling with online learning.

Seeing everything that has been holding people back really inspired me to take action and find somewhere that was helping students directly.

Outside of RFTS I am a tutor at my school and meet with struggling students weekly! I love helping them with both their mental health and academic work. I just love collaborating with people and being a light in people’s lives.

During my short time here at RFTS I am already inspired by the work of other members and how much they keep up with , being that we are all handling classes outside of RFTS. Despite the challenges there is always a solution and we are able to collaborate with each other! In the future I hope to get my Bachelor’s and Master’s in Social Work and work with children as a school Social Worker.

One of my main goals in life is just to help people and allow them to see the bright side in every situation. I love seeing all of the Heads and Co-Heads of the Departments here at RFTS get to work because they are so dedicated and have a growth mindset ! If you are interested please join RFTS and help us bring the best to our students and grow our organization day by day.

3 Fun Facts:
1. I play piano and love to sing, especially with my musician friends!!
2. I love scrapbooking and decorating/organizing areas in the home (pinterest really helps with that).
3. I am Puerto Rican and Brazilian :) and speak both spanish and portuguese!