Karen Odugbesan

Co-Head of Communications Department and Team Leader of Outreach

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Hi! My name is Karen and I’m from London, England, and currently in 11th grade! I’m the Head of Outreach.

As you could probably tell, my job at RFTS mainly involves reaching out to all sorts of people frequently to get them to work with us or help them to use our resources well! I guess you could call me a social butterfly and working at RFTS has meant that I’ve been able to make lots of new friendships with others and learn new things from all the people I interact with on a daily basis.

I joined RFTS because I heard all about the struggles that students are facing worldwide due to the pandemic, myself included, and I decided to dedicate myself to helping out and implementing new ideas to make sure that everyone’s education is still top-notch despite the troubles we may be facing.

Working at RFTS means I've learned great new things as well as learned the culture and lifestyle of other people who may not live in the same place as I do. Along with Fiona, who I appreciate a whole bunch, our team is doing a lot to try and make our presence known in the community from schools to students and parents in lots of fun and creative ways.

In the future I hope to become a psychiatrist, yes very hard I know, but I find mental health very interesting, and I want to be able to understand the mind more specifically

3 Fun Facts:
1. I’m literally the biggest anime fan ever (give me recommendations if you got some)
2. I’ve been swimming since I was about 7 (i’m 17 now), so I’m pretty good at it
3. I strive to build my relationship with Christ and become a better Christian