Krishna Kumar


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Hi everyone! I'm Krishna, a high school student in Chicago. I've seen the towering green snow capped peaks of the Himalayas and lived in the much lower altitude but much higher snow-draped city in the middle of Illinois. I write and I ask questions and I work and I serve.

As for a career, I want to be an astrophysicist or a philosopher in the future (they appear to be different fields, but it should narrow down later). I volunteered with RFTS because I wanted to tutor fellow high-schoolers in subjects (science and English mainly) that I’m comfortable with,and help them., but beyond tutoring, writing, researching and editing for the blog is fun.

The AP Peer Classes are a new experience. I have a student from New York whom I enjoy tutoring, and I’ve met many great people here who’re ready to help and inspire. I started my first article with Tanya Singh. The volunteer tasks may be easy sometimes, but they require self-motivation and dedication to pursue fully, and if someone wants an encouraging environment to develop their skills (writing or teaching or serving as a general volunteer), this is an ideal place.

Effectively communicating and collaborating with others is also a great thing to develop here, but at the same time, there is nothing forced. Everyone here is themselves driven to do good.

3 Fun Facts:
1. I once liked to sleep 14 hours a day but then figured out that it just causes grogginess and isn't good for you, so I now sleep 7 hours a day.
2. My classes have never encountered a zoom bomber. I consider myself lucky because of that.
3. I like to read. This is a fun fact from my perspective, but perspectives are of a vast array, and I do like to read.