Lucía Brunelli

Event Planning Team Member and Programs Team Member

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Hi everyone! My name is Lucía Brunelli, and I´m 16 years old. I was born and raised in Spain, but I currently live in Uruguay, South America.

In the future, I plan to attend an American University and study their Government or anything related to Social Sciences. I´m still indecisive. In my free time, I love to spend time with my family and pets. I also love reading and listening to music.

My favorite kind of music is pop, but I also enjoy a lot of indie rock. In RFTS, I'm a Programs Team member and an Event Planning Team member.

I first joined because, due to COVID-19, I hadn't been able to participate in any extracurricular activities, and RFTS was the perfect place for me. It is an international organization that gives incredible opportunities to everyone on the team. I love being part of RFTS because it allows me to meet people from all around the world and learn about them. Here I have learned to organize events, work with many people, and developed my communication skills.

In my time here, I´ve met fantastic and hard-working people who have made me feel great; Melinda, Fiona, Prarti, Ore, and Vicky are some of those incredible people I met. They helped me with everything I needed to understand and do to be a good team member.

If you are doubting about joining us, don't hesitate anymore, here you will find a lot of great people that will help you and make you feel welcomed. We are always working on team bonding activities, so the environment is the nicest as possible. I'm excited about what the future will bring us, and I hope to share it with you all.

3 Fun Facts:
1. I´m a huge fan of sports but my favorite ones are tennis and football.
2. I love animals, I have 4 dogs and a cat.
3. My favorite TV show is Gossip Girl.