Maria Luz Harker

Event Planning Team Member

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My name is Maria Luz Harker, and I am a freshman located in Oregon, U.S.A. As a little introduction, I’m part of the Events Planning team as a general member.

I enjoy playing the piano and violin, but my main hobby is dancing competitively. Some of my many interests are language and culture, which is one of the reasons I joined Reach For The Stars. It has introduced me to many different perspectives regarding culture and language and I absolutely love that. Along the lines of that, another reason I joined Reach For The Stars is because I needed experience for responsibility and to improve upon my leadership skills.

This past month I’ve seen improvement in leadership skills and a new insight on practical skills. Some new skills I have discovered are self management, critical thinking and problem solving. Most importantly, I gained a loving and supportive community that I wish to never leave. I have made many new friends like Fiona, Melinda and more who have all taught me adaptive thinking and effective communication skills. It’s a community that anybody can rely on.

Currently, the future is not clear. But it has been my dream to study abroad and continue my passion for culture and language. People most definitely should join Reach For The Stars because it teaches valuable lessons, like how an organization's take tons of time and strategizes. The idea that you are doing something bigger than yourself is absolutely amazing is another great reason.

Consider applying to Reach For The Stars if any of this appeals to you!

3 Fun Facts:
1. I’m ambidextrous
2. I hate watermelon
3. My grandfather turned down the chance to play for the Red Soxs