Melinda Wang

Co-Head of Internal Affairs

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My name is Melinda Wang and I am a high school freshman from New York City. In Reach for the Stars, I am the Co-Head of the Events Department! Along with my other co-head, Pran, I manage the programs and webinars that Reach for the Stars hosts or is involved in.

I joined Reach for the Stars because I love volunteering and working for non-profit organizations.

After discovering how non-profit organizations worked during the summer of 2020, I found that I loved keeping myself busy with this type of volunteer work. During my time here at Reach for the Stars, I have met an extremely genuine and supportive community that truly strives to reach its full potential.

In the future, I hope to pursue business management or entrepreneurship. I strive to create and expand a business that will benefit the lives of working-class families!

Some of my pastimes are watching K-dramas, C-dramas, TV shows and funny varieties shows! I absolutely love listening to KPOP and other genres of music.

Here, at Reach for the Stars, I have met so many wonderful people such as Pran, Fiona, Sonal, Vicky and so many more! They’ve shown me what true dedication and amazing work ethic is.

If you are someone who wants to meet like-minded people who are extremely caring towards others and also be rewarded for any service you do, definitely consider applying to be part of Reach for the Stars!!

3 Fun Facts:
1. My grandma named me after Bill Gates’ wife, Melinda Gates because she didn’t want me to worry about my financial status in the future.
2. I played the violin from kindergarten to fifth grade and recently started up again!
3. I really enjoy playing badminton in my spare time.