Mitali Patwardhan

Outreach Team Member

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My name is Mitali Patwardhan and I am currently a sophomore. I work with the Outreach Team in RFTS.

I live in North Carolina and discovered the opportunity to work with RFTS through some friends who suggested this. I'm curious and very detail oriented, and I absolutely love anything to do with science!

Aside from this, I love reading, writing, and helping to share knowledge, which is why I find RFTS interesting and meaningful.

Outside of school and volunteering, I love playing sports and being outside. RFTS is not only an opportunity for me to better myself, but for others to get the education they need during these times.

I love working with everyone part of this organization because they are all extremely considerate and understanding. Everyone is friends with each other and we all get along well. I usually don't have trouble talking to new people, but working with this team seemed like I've known them for very long! Connecting with people virtually can be difficult, but RFTS has made it possible, with a heap of fun.

Everyone deserves to have an equal opportunity to receive education and have fun, no matter what circumstances they are in. Helping spread knowledge and uniting people from all over the world is something special indeed.

3 Fun Facts:
1. I love writing and being creative in general.
2. I'm a cat person (just felt like I should mention that :))
3. I am a HUGE procrastinator.