Oreoluwa Oloro

Tutoring Team Member and Honor Council

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Hi! I’m Oreoluwa Oloro, and I am a Students and Tutor's Manager at RFTS! I am 16 years old, a Nigerian, and was born in the UK!

I am a Junior now going to Rolling Meadows High School in Illinois, US. After the founders, I was the first volunteer to join RFTS back in the summer of 2020, and I have learned so much about building this organization and about different people from this experience.

I love sports as I do gymnastics and track and field. I am very competitive and just enjoy growing in my sports. I am also very passionate about education and love working hard to achieve my goals!

I am shooting to be a surgeon after getting a degree in biomedical engineering as I’m a little bit of a geek when learning about the human body. Still, in my spare time, I love reading, watching the whole Avatar series again for the 100th time, volunteering, and practicing gymnastics.

I am glad I joined RFTS. The experience has been great meeting different people, growing this organization, and bonding with kids worldwide. I met so many people from this experience that I’ll never forget, like Heather and Sonal! I joined because I loved the organization’s message and felt happy to help kids in education!

3 Fun Facts:
1. My favorite thing to do is gymnastics!
2. I love watching Anime!
3. I love diving into any kind of dystopian book, honestly, I won’t read anything else.