Pranathi Divakaruni

Co-Head of Events Department, Team Leader of Programs, Tutoring Team Member

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Hello! My name is Pran Divakaruni, and I am a current sophomore at Virginia Commonwealth University studying Biology and Bioinformatics. I aspire to be a general surgeon when I am older and have wanted to be a physician since I could talk. My hobbies include spending time with my friends, painting, traveling, and playing sports. My favorite Netflix shows are Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, and JTV.

I am currently part of the Tutoring Team at RFTS and the Events Department’s Co-Head with Melinda! My responsibilities include introducing and managing new programs for RFTS students, and we are organizing our winter camp as of now. I joined RFTS as I enjoy volunteering. I felt like RFTS would allow me to work to my full potential while also allowing me to create long-lasting friendships with people worldwide. Some of the fantastic people I have met through this organization include Inuola and Melinda. I enjoy talking with them about every topic remotely and have made a connection I didn’t think would happen. I love being in RFTS because of its diverse community. There are people from various parts of the world, which brings all sorts of perspectives and ideas. I learn significantly from the people I work with, which I think is essential.

If you are someone looking to be a part of a community, RFTS is for you. If you enjoy volunteering and feel like you have ideas to contribute, RFTS is for you. We are an open and welcoming community and would love to have you alongside us!

3 Fun Facts:
1. I love horror movies for the sole purpose of scaring myself.
2. I have a guinea pig named Ollie.
3. My favorite singer is The Weeknd.