Rijul Rajesh

Co-Head of Media Department, Team Leader of Video Design and Programs Team Member

RFTS Logo.jpg

Hi there! My name is Rijul and I am a sophomore from Virginia. I am a Co-Head of the Media department and the Team Leader for the Video Design team.

I make an impact on this organization by working with the rest of the organization in creating, editing, and publishing videos! The team and I are currently working to create a Youtube Channel, which will consist of videos and podcasts from our very own organization’s tutors and volunteers on various topics! A few of my teammates in the Video Design Team have become great partners as we have worked collaboratively through several projects in-depth, including Joseph and Emma.

A few of my interests during my free time include playing basketball and chess. My most favorite book to read that I have read is Divergent by Veronica Roth. My most favorite movie is very debatable, but for now, it is Avengers Endgame.

Another interest that I have is competing in the Scholastic Bowl team, where we attend competitions all throughout the state and the country, including Its Academic, NAQT, and others.

I have had several years of tutoring different students in various subjects from the basics of the alphabet all the way to Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1! I have a passion for helping others throughout the nation and hope to make an impact in the Reach For The Stars tutoring community!

3 Fun Facts:
1. I skipped half a grade
2. I play the Mellophone
3. I don’t like ice cream, no matter the flavor