Riley Wang


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Hello, my name is Riley Wang. I am a sophomore in high school and I’m from Toronto Canada, making me a fellow Canadian.

I am a writer for Reach For The Stars, and I focus on writing blogs. I prioritize writing relevant topics that we, as a societal community, can connect to. Joining this organization meant connecting and working with intelligent minds in different cities, countries, and even continents. I find it fascinating that as a team, we can make an impact. I aspire to inspire students all around the world. I love RFTS because it feels like a safe and happy community.

There are so many kind souls in this program, such as Zia, the Blogging Team Leader who kindly introduced me to this blogging program when I joined, and Inuola, the Founder of RFTS. Through this program, I’ve learned teamwork can make a difference. I want to be involved somewhere in the medical field in the future.

I am also a competitive dancer. I’ve won overalls with my solo and my team at various competitions across Canada. However, because dance studios are closed or have restrictions, I can only dance socially distanced and hope for competition. Let’s stop the isolation and stay connected.

RFTS is a phenomenal organization that can make a virtual, healthy, and safe community!

3 Fun Facts:
1. I enjoy mathematics.
2. I have two dogs (Samoyed and Golden doodle).
3. I love all foods.