Siya Seshadri

Senior Director of Emails and Applicants Manager in Tutoring Team

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Hi! My name is Siya Seshadri, and I’m a junior in high school from New Jersey! Some of my hobbies include playing guitar, running, and meditation/yoga.

My goal for the future is to be a child psychologist because I love working with kids and would enjoy helping them with issues going on in their lives. The rewarding feeling you get after spreading positivity or making someone feel good about themself is unmatched. This is why I decided to volunteer for an organization like Reach for the Stars. Since August, I’ve been a part of this organization, and I’m the Senior Director of Emails and Applicants in the Tutoring Department.

I joined Reach For The Stars because I was looking for volunteer opportunities, and this one caught my attention. Providing free tutoring for kids and teenagers, who may be struggling, is genuinely a great way to help. In the tutoring department, we are responsible for interviewing applicants, pairing tutors with students, overseeing tutoring sessions, and much more! I love working with my team because everyone is always so encouraging and compassionate to one another. We still have each others’ backs, making it easy to get our tasks done promptly.

This organization has a great community, and I’m happy to say that I met some incredible people, one being Prarti. We became a lot closer from bonding over Broadway shows and music, which was an enjoyable experience for me. She’s a super reliable friend who I can always count on to make me laugh or listen to my rants. Like Prarti, everyone in this organization is fantastic, and it's lovely to work with them. I learned a lot from RFTS, including communication skills and teamwork. Still, most importantly, I learned how important community is and that we can contribute to a cause greater than ourselves.

3 Fun Facts:
1. I’ve been playing guitar since fifth grade.
2. I love love love music, and One Direction is my guilty pleasure.
3. My all-time favorite tv show is One Tree Hill.