Sonal Gupta

Co-Head of Administration Department, Team Leader of Secretaries, Tutoring Team Member

RFTS Logo.jpg

Hi everyone! My name is Sonal and I am currently the Co-Head of the Administration Department with Reach For The Stars!

When I first came to RFTS, I was a Tutor-Student Manager, and I mostly helped out with pairing tutors and students in an effective way. Now, I’ve been with RFTS for a few months, and have joined new teams and met new people, leading to my current status with this organization! I have absolutely loved correlating with the Tutoring Team Leaders, Heather and Ayana and working closely with the Secretary Team Leader, Marisa. On top of that, I enjoy the bonding sessions and encouraging community that RFTS incorporates!

The main reason I joined RFTS was because of the organization’s missions. With Covid-19, education hasn’t been the same, and many students are struggling to obtain the same amount of information virtually rather than how they would if they were in person. RFTS offered a great and easy way to tutor students as a solution to this educational problem. In my past, I have loved tutoring students and I find joy in seeing their overall progress. I love that there’s an entire organization devoted to helping students.

These past few months with RFTS have been amazing, and I can't wait to continue giving back to my community through volunteerism. Along with volunteering, my passions include art, relaxation, and listening to music. Art is a huge part of who I am: a competitive dancer, a musician, a composer, a singer, a digital artist, a sketch artist, and a photographer. I love art in any form and have experienced so much of it throughout my life. I’ve also found that relaxing is a great way to improve mental health, and I’ve started focusing on myself when I find the time — whether it’s binging Netflix or reading a mystery novel. Through RFTS, I have met many friends with similar passions and goals in life, which has helped me put my own goals into perspective. I feel truly blessed to be a part of this team and share my interests with the welcoming community that is RFTS.

3 Fun Facts:
1. I’ve self-taught myself to play the ukulele, piano, and guitar!
2. I love baking — especially brownies.
3. I watch horror movies just because I find them comedic.