Tavisha Sharma

Team Leader of Event Planning

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My name is Tavisha and I am a high school junior from India.

I am a voracious reader and am passionate about biology, community service, dancing, public speaking and writing poetry. I aspire to be a Biomedical Researcher in the future.

Here at RFTS, I am the Co-director of Internal Communications. I have always been inspired by the motto- “Service before self” and the primary reason I joined RFTS was to give back to the community at large.

The one thing that I love about RFTS is the unique platform that we offer to students across the world, so that they are able to access education from the comfort of their homes.

The reason why I would want more people to join us is that, we as students are capable of doing great things and reaching great heights. This is the time when the world needs the ‘youth for change’.

Since we are a student led organisation, all our tutors and volunteers are school students which makes the whole system even more unique! And as I have heard it right somewhere, “Small acts, when multiplied by thousands of people, can transform the world”. And this is what every person here has embedded in their minds!

3 Fun Facts:
1. I have my own poetry blog.
2. I am a big foodie.
3. I enjoy public speaking, debates, and compering.