Thuwaraka Mohanakumar


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Hi! My name is Thuwaraka. I am currently in my senior year of highschool. In the future, I aspire to go into the medical field and volunteer for the Red Cross. I am a secretary at RFTS where I take notes on the important meetings that are held, and also work on tasks to help out the other wonderful departments at RFTS.

I joined RFTS because I am passionate about being a contribution to support students and families during these trying times. Hearing about this amazing cause made me want to be a part of RFTS and make an impact alongside the 100s of members at RFTS. I like being in RFTS because it is a very supportive and determined organization that has a great cause.

RFTS is also a student-led organization, which I really appreciate and encourage since it shows how much of an impact youth like us can make. Furthermore, I have communicated with several amazing RFTS members, and have worked the most with the heads in the secretary department and resources department, Marisa and Sonal! In fact during my time at RFTS, I have learnt how to take concise notes and doing a wide variety of tasks, has made me a versatile individual and I hope to learn more at RFTS.

I have also gained so much support from all RFTS members, and they always strive to keep the RFTS environment as fun and as supportive as possible!

3 Fun Facts:
1. I have sung classical music for 6 years.
2. I’m a decent baker!
3. I have travelled to 10 countries